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New and Continued Initiative for Candr

At Candr, we’ve intentionally maintained the blind/anonymity aspect of our platform in order for members to get to know each other without any preconceived biases or judgments. We take pride in creating a safe space where members can freely express themselves and celebrate their diversity and individuality


The recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor have been devastating and disheartening. Many of us are in pain, outraged, discouraged, and exhausted. We want to show our support by leveraging our platform so that our users can reach beyond just romantic love to love one another and find solidarity in each other. 


In solidarity with #blacklivesmatter and the People of Color (POC) community at large, we are adding a new initiative over the next two weeks to foster open dialogue and the exploration of racial identity. In addition to signing up for romantic matches, users can also opt in for 1-on-1 communication or group discussions, where everyone will be matched blind based on location, but diversified by intent (i.e. to start a conversation, to learn more about allyship, or to educate others/mobilize). This group discussion will be about racial identity and current events (aka. non-romantic), so you are welcome to join even if you are not single!


There will be a discussion guide with initial questions and topics to help kick things off, but we urge you to freely explore and learn from each other. Anonymized emails will be used to maintain anonymity and matches for the discussion group will be sent whenever enough members sign up to form a group of six 

Additional Resources

In addition to the initiative above, we encourage you to do some research on your own prior to the discussions. Below are some resources shared by our fellow peers that could serve as some guidance on where to start. 

We look forward to having you join the discussion!

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