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Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution

As we get ready to launch the second version of the product, this person will be responsible for building out and help execute the digital marketing strategy, including social media (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc), building awareness and relationships with influencers that our target users directly follow. We already have a long list of Instagram accounts that our users follow and will need to find ways to effectively execute the digital marketing strategy. You will also be responsible for designing our weekly newsletter which we found is one of the most engaging marketing tools. This individual should be fluent with different social platforms or have a strong desire to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing. Good writing skills are required. 

Podcast and Strategize Partnerships:

As part of our marketing efforts, we will be launching our own podcast to build awareness and community. The premise will be MBA Bachelor and Bachelorette. We are extremely excited about this initiative and are already gearing up to launch the sign up process. This role would be especially appealing to individuals who want to go into Media & Entertainment. You will have the experience to build a podcast from scratch and think through everything from content creation, production, to locating sponsors to build out a self-sufficient ecosystem. Would love to have a member who has a passion for storytelling and media & entertainment. Experience with podcast production is a plus. 

Product Marketing and Pricing Strategy

As we launch the second version of the product, we will need to come up with a loyalty/ambassador program to create a scalable marketing strategy. This person will help come up with the general marketing and branding of Candr (MBA Blind Love) and also help with determining the monetization strategy of this product. You will determine the price point of features and understand users’ willingness to pay through conjoint analysis. You will also perform user interviews, competitive analysis, working closely with designers to finalize the look and feel of the brand. This role will coordinate closely with the previous two roles to make sure there is a cohesive message across the board. 

Product Management*

This person will work closely with the engineering team, users, and CEO to understand customer needs and create features that specifically address those pain-points. Product managers will also be responsible for understanding the user data collected and building features driven by user data. This role will become more and more robust as we launch the product in October and gather additional customer insights. We will be performing A/B testing on the users and working closely with Marketing research professors to understand optimal matching algorithms and better understand user needs through the use of Natural Language Processing algorithms


  • Strong technical background and experience working directly with engineers, with a firm grasp on the technical details driving the product

  • Experience with experimental design and executing hypothesis-driven A/B testing.

  • Ability to use quantitative and qualitative sources to design and validate ideas

  • Understanding of UI/UX best practices, including when to follow patterns and when to push boundaries

  • Experience in defining success metrics and KPIs for product development and tracking performance

Operations Strategy

Operations is the backbone of a company and we are looking for someone who is detail-oriented and structured to help streamline the operations to make it scalable. You will help develop an operations strategy to put a structure in place. You will also work closely with the rest of the team to identity scalable operations and set concrete milestones to prioritize operations for the company. Someone with a background in operations at a startup is desired and should have strong attention to detail.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Even if you do not have the experience, this is a great learning opportunity and launchpad into the world of entrepreneurship. By the end of this year, you will be able to walk away with impressive performance metrics that contributed directly to the growth of our budding startup!

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