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"Corona-Cuffing": How to Talk to Matches During COVID

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Get ready for something more serious this year!

According to Bumble, users are shifting towards “slower dating” and more meaningful connections, with over half (55%) of users looking for more serious relationships. Obviously, Rona’s got us doing a lot more self-reflection. We are thinking twice before meeting a stranger in person after just two texts – the threshold is a lot higher to be “mask-off ready”. 

So, to our dear reader, get ready for a cuffing season with a “corona-twist” to it. Things are likely to be a lot more serious, whether you like it or not. Better to be serious with the right person, and we are here to help set you all up for success in that camp!

Applying MBA Concepts to Love

Writing Tips: Setting yourself up for success to be “mask-off ready”

As MBAs, we all know “theoretically” how to write introductory networking emails. You know the importance of thoughtfully highlighting yourselves in a way that makes you attractive to your potential employer. Why not apply some of those concepts to writing an intro email to your matches? -- Don’t forget to be fun too!

  1. Use an interesting subject line: like your employers, your matches will have multiple matches emailing them. Make your subject line stand out and fun!

  2. Do your research: please in the name of the "love-gods", read your matches’ profiles. We provide you information about your matches such as what they love about themselves, what they are passionate about, etc. Use that to think of something thoughtful, draw connections, and reference them in your conversations.

  3. Keep it short and sweet: our surveys show 2-3 paragraphs to be the most effective in receiving responses! You don't want to whip together 2-3 sentences that show you barely put in any effort, nor do you want to send a novel-lengthed email about your daily self-reflections (it’s great but it puts a lot of pressure on your matches to come up with something “thoughtful” in response). Use the 1st paragraph to introduce yourself and leave the 2nd paragraph for something you have in common... and questions!

  4. Ask questions: the best way to keep a conversation going is to ask your matches questions. Ask open-ended questions using “Who, Where, What, When, How”. Another popular one is “2 truths and a lie”.

  5. Keep it appropriate: Resist sexual jokes or the urge to use too many emojis.

  6. Be creative: include links to interesting articles, new food recipes, or share photos of the view on your most recent run!

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